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Wind Energy Facts in the United States for year 2011

United States is one of the leading countries in the installation of Wind Energy farms for the generation of electricity. More than 20% of the world’s wind power capacity comes from US making it the second largest wind power producer in the world, behind China. The following facts about Wind Energy have been recorded in U.S during 2011:

  1. The wind power installed capacity in U.S is 43,461 MW, from which the 3,360 MW were installed during 2011 and the 1,200 MW were installed during the 3rd quarter of 2011. In addition to this, there are 90 projects with more than 8,400 MW under development.
  2. Wind power covers around 2.5% of U.S electricity needs.
  3. According to the U.S department of Energy, the goal is to generate 20% of the country’s needs from Wind Energy by the year 2030. This means that by 2030 the wind power installed capacity will be 300,000 MW (300 GW). Countries like Denmark already cover 20% of their electricity needs from wind power.
  4. There are no offshore wind farm deployments in the U.S. However in order to achieve the goal of 20% Wind Energy by 2030, 4% of the wind power generation will come from offshore wind farms.
  5. Around 40% of U.S CO2 emissions come from the generation of electricity. If by 2030 20% of the electricity is produced by wind power then the CO2 emissions will be reduced by 825 million metric tons.
  6. Texas is the leading state in U.S with 10.135 MW installed capacity. 6.5% of Texas power needs are covered by Wind Energy (this corresponds to more than 2.5 million homes).
  7. The largest wind farm project is Roscoe Wind Farm in Texas with 627 wind turbines and 782 MW installed capacity. Second is Horse Hollow also in Texas with 736 MW installed capacity.
  8. The top owner of wind capacity in US is NextEra Energy Resources with total managing capacity of 8,077 MW.
  9. The top manufacturer of wind power in U.S is GE Energy with a market share of approximately 41%.
  10. Iowa is the second state in wind power generation with 3,700 MW which corresponds 15% of the state’s electricity generation needs.
  11. There are more than 400 manufacturing facilities for wind power generation in U.S.
  12. The top five largest wind farms are located in Texas. All are onshore wind farms.
  13. 14 states in US produce more than 1,000 MW of wind power and 37 states produce some of their power from wind power.
  14. During the years 2007-2010 35% of all new installed capacity was produced from wind energy.
  15. More than 80% of Americans are in favor of more wind power.