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Article guidelines act to ensure a high quality standard for our readers while also protecting reputation and intellectual property of your quality work – our valued guest-writers; please respect our article guidelines.

Article submission guidelines:

  • Minimum word count of 600 words.
  • Content should be relevant to Renewable-Green-Energy-Power (RGEP) scope (i.e. environmental issues, green power, renewable energy sources and technologies, factors affecting RES development and penetration to the energy mix, related news, facts and opinions).
  • The author’s bio can be included at the bottom of the post with one external link to the author’s URL site  – please note that frequent guest writers may be granted an own account and author’s page with their name, biographical information and references. An author’s page, with links in our Author’s list, will give you better exposure and help increase your traffic; moreover, your work will be easily traceable by readers facilitating easier promotion within social media circles to a bigger audience.
  • External links are only allowed at the bio section and not allowed in the main text-content of the post – except for reference links to authority sources.
  • All external links are no-follow; however, do-follow links may be granted exclusively on the basis of post quality, uniqueness and post credentials – subject to our editors’ discretion.

Some additional conditions:

  • Submit only authentic / original content – submitted posts are checked for plagiarism and they are not published if they fail the test (e.g. if published elsewhere, not being original, with poor citation etc.)
  • Citation and sources – please make sure you include appropriate citation and references to your sources for content.
  • Images/videos must be properly licensed and attributed. Thumb-nail images should be 150x150pix or 100x100pix – all other images for the main body of a post can be up to 650x460pix.
  • Intellectual rights of content are reserved to the author.
  • Publishing/commercial rights (excluding intellectual value of content) are reserved to the publisher or agent (RGEP)
  • On assessing your submitted article, our editors may choose not to publish it on By submitting your
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To submit a post, send us an email to attaching your post (text files, word documents, or pasting in the body of your email text) including any used images. You will be notified by our editors in one to three working days.