This section presents hosted affiliations such as related research initiatives and/or potential business initiatives, etc. in the field of renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

Cynergy Enterprise Initiative

Cynergy was formulated in 2010 as a potential business initiative, aiming to commercialize a patented invention in the electrical energy market. The invention is a new method for converting direct electric current (dc) to alternating current (ac), which is the required energy form for connecting to the electric power grid.

Cynergy sees a potential  business opportunity as the proposed technology may hold the key to unlock further the huge commercial potential of fuel cells in electricity generation. Fuel cell technology is an emerging market, anticipated to see an accelerated adoption in the green energy sector over the next decades.

Projected confidence in penetrating this booming market is based on three important competitive advantages of the proposed new technology, offering: Lower cost for dc-ac conversion, Scalability to larger power levels and Superior quality of the ac output.

Project inventors and owners of the patent have already secured external financing, through funding support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the Planning Bureau of the republic of Cyprus and the University of Cyprus, for the creation of an electricity generation prototype with Zero CO2 Emissions – Zero CO2 project. The project is currently running on a pilot test that will establish proof of its concept and demonstrate its commercial superiority.

Following test results, the potential enterprise initiative will aim on a fast-track penetration to the market by licensing and developing partnerships with technology integrators.

Cynegy potential stakeholders reflect a diverse technical background, managerial expertise, and entrepreneurial competence for successful business development.The team’s commitment towards success is driven by a shared philosophy and an exciting, inspirational vision.

“To improve the utilization of the electrical energy in the power sector and eventually make the planet greener!”