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Interesting facts about Wind Power

Many countries have developed aggressive plans to invest in Wind Power. As a result Wind Power is becoming a rapidly evolving technology with many interesting facts. The following interesting facts about wind power have been recorded until 2011.

  1. During the last 10 years global wind power capacity is increased by 30% every year.
  2. The largest capacity wind turbine is Enercon E-126. It was built in 2007, it can produce 7.58MW, has overall height of 198 meters and diameter 126 meters.
  3. Fuhrlander Wind Turbine Laasow is the tallest wind turbine in the world with a height of 205 meters tall.
  4. USA is the leader in the production of wind energy from onshore wind farms. Roscoe Wind farm in US with 627 wind turbines, has production capacity of 781,5 MW and is the largest onshore wind farm in the world.
  5. Europe is the leader in the production of wind energy from offshore wind farms. Thanet Offshore Wind Project in UK with 100 wind turbines has production capacity of 300 MW and is the largest offshore wind farm in the world.
  6. To operate, wind turbines require between 10 and 55 mph of wind speed.
  7. Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in US is the largest wind farm under development with 845 MW.
  8. Gansu Wind Farm in China is the largest proposed project with 20,000MW power capacity.
  9. According to American Wind Energy Association to produce the same energy as a 1 MW wind turbine working for 20 years with traditional energy sources, would require 92,000 barrels of oil and 60 million gallons of water every year.
  10. In Denmark 20% of the total electricity needs are covered from wind farms.
  11. A single wind turbine can produce enough electricity to power 300-400 houses.
  12. US total installed capacity from wind farms is more than 40,000 MW.
  13. The cost of the energy produced by wind turbines is around 0,045 – 0,065 USD.
  14. Offshore wind turbines can be installed in waters up to 30 meters deep. Installations up to 60m deep are currently under development.
  15. Electricity production from wind turbines is the fastest growing form of electricity production in the US.
  16. Wind, like all renewable energy sources, is ultimately powered by the sun. The wind is created by the unequal redistribution of heat when warm air rises and cool air descents to fill the gap.
  17. A wind turbine rotor rotates with approximately 20 – 50 rotations per minute.
  18. Offshore wind farms produce more electricity than the corresponding onshore wind farms, as the wind is stronger and more uniform in the sea.
  19. Wind energy was first used to propel boats at the Nile river from 5000 BC.
  20. The life span of a wind turbine is between 20 and 30 years.