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Renewable Green Energy Sources

When dealing with Renewable Energy Sources everybody understands that we are talking about Green Energy Sources, the type of energy sources that are friendly to the environment and contribute to the quality of life we all want to enjoy.

In drilling into the subject first of all we have to start with basics. What do the terms mean?

Renewable Sources: are the sources that are naturally replenished and, at the least for the time being, cannot be exhausted. ‘’Naturally’’ is the key here and this is the reason they cannot be exhausted.

Alternative Sources: In some cases the Renewable Sources are referred to as Alternative sources implying that the specific sources are the alternatives to the non-renewable sources such as gas and oil.

Green Sources: are the sources which are friendly to the environment and cause no pollution which means no C02 emissions are added to it.

For most people renewable implies Green as well so the term ‘’Renewable Green’’ entails a redundant term, but for us ‘’Renewable Green’’ gives an emphasis to these type of sources and their benefit to our life.

Energy Sources: are sources which produce energy, energy that can be tapped and used for the benefit of mankind

How many Renewable Green Energy Sources do we have?  There are five renewable sources and these are: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Water and Biomass.

Solar Energy: is the energy received from the sun, from the sunrays

Wind Energy: is the energy produced from the wind blow

Geothermal Energy: is the energy received from the earth’s natural heat. This kind of energy is produced and stored in the earth. ‘’Geo’’ means earth.

Water Energy: There are several ways that water can produce or can act as a source of energy. There are 3 basic forms of ‘’water’’ energy

  • Wave energy: is energy produced by the waves in the sea which are caused by winds
  • Tidal energy: is the energy caused by the gravitational pool of the moon on the seas
  • Hydroelectric energy: is the energy produced by falling water

Biomass Energy: Biomass are all organic materials dead or alive. So Biomass energy is the energy given by either heating or fermenting Biomass. The commonly referred Biomass energy sources are:

  • Wood
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Landfill gas
  • Biodiesel
  • Ethanol

Why is Renewable Green Energy important for us? 

In simple terms renewable energy is important because:

  1. It is green and thus it reduces pollution and therefore improves our quality of life
  2. It is naturally replenished thus it is will not be exhausted contrary to the non-renewable energy sources which have an expiry date
  3. It reduces our political and financial dependency on traditional non-renewable energy producing countries and multinational corporations.

Renewable Green Energy is important for us and as time passes its importance increases because its share in the overall energy consumption and use increases year after year and thus its importance in the fabric of our society increases. Renewable Green energy is now part of our economy, the economy of the local communities and the economy of the states. Since the importance of renewable green energy in the economy increases its importance in the education increases too. We therefore have of what is known as the Virtuous circle of Renewable Green Energy Sources.

Renewable Energy in Education: As the importance and the contribution of renewable green energy sources increase so does the awareness of the people and thus their need to be educated and trained properly. Renewable energy theory and technology is being studied at all levels of the educational system. It is introduced in elementary schools, studied in more detail in high schools and practised in technical schools. In universities we have specializations on renewable energy technology and in labs we have research and development in an aim to find and commercialize newer and more efficient ways of tapping the renewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy in the Economy: Renewable Energy is in an important pillar of the economy of many countries and the degree of importance of and dependency on renewable green energy varies from country to country. Renewable energy creates jobs, jobs in the production of electricity from renewable green energy sources, jobs in the production of technology and equipment, such as solar panels and wind turbines, used by renewable energy, jobs in the government for the management and promotion of renewable energy and jobs in the research and development labs of multinational companies who deal with the commercialization of new ideas and inventions. Renewable energy stimulates and increases the trade between nations.

In conclusion, the importance of Renewable Green Energy in our everyday life increases and cannot be ignored. The impact and importance of Renewable Energy are not the outcomes of a random or an accidental course of events but are the result of a well managed, joined and controlled strategic activity primarily by the strong nations of the world and followed by the rest of the world.