Renergy 2012 – International Conference and Expo on Renewable Energy

The RENERGY 2012 International Conference and Expo on Renewable Energy will be organized on March 12th until 13th  (the Plenary will take place on the 11th) by TamilNadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) with an ambition to host around 500 participants.  The event is an opportunity for organizations that are interested in entering the Indian renewable energy market to get together with professionals and policy makers to network and create new business partnerships with local companies in the area of renewable energy which will also participate at the expo.


The RENERGY 2012 Conference is to put India further on the map of renewable energy entrepreneurs and investors. Therefore, at the conference critical issue that will be analyzed concern the renewable energy sectors of: wind, solar, biomass, energy efficiency and waste to energy. Influential speakers from all over India will address the audience in an effort to share their perspectives and insights.

The main targets for the conference are for attendees to:

  • Be informed on latest new from experts in biomass solar, wind
  • Acquire an insight for India’s plans in RES
  • Network

A synopsis of the agenda of the conference is:

March 12th


-Making a Good Story Great

Energy efficiency

Evolving a Win-win Collaboration Platform for Indian States

Creating a Sustainable Biomass Supply Chain

March 13th


-Showing You the Money


-Enhancing the Technical and Financial Viability of Waste to Energy Projects

Having a Renewed Thrust on Renewable Energy

Getting the Most from Renewable Source for Decentralised Energy Needs


The Renergy 2012 Exhibition will be dedicated in promoting solutions from a range of stakeholders of the renewable energy sectors. The aim of it is to provide to the end users and the industry a picture with  the latest available renewable energy solutions, and at the same time for the solution providers to get their solution the necessary exposure.

The main focus of the exhibition is on:

  • Wind energy
  • Solar CSP and PV
  • Wind
  • Biomass energy
  • Waste to Energy and Industrial Waste to Energy, Municipal Solid Waste, Sewage Waste to Energy
  • Energy Efficiency