Photovoltaic, PV, America West 2012

We all know that the demand for Photovoltaic, PV, technology increases day by day thus the need for specialized and focused events. PV America 2012 offers this kind of education and specialization with the aim to create the momentum to use solar technology for the needs of the communities that are a good fit.

PV America 2012 will take place in San Jose, California and it is expected to be attended by 4000+ professionals. PV America 2011 was attended by 3700 solar energy industry professionals.

PV America will be the platform for education and information on new developments in the area of PV and will offer the visitors the opportunity to experience new developments in the residential, commercial and industrial areas.

The estimated 4000+ visitors will have the opportunity to get updated and share experiences with policy makers, legislators and financiers in the solar energy technology. Legislators and politicians are committed to building a clean economy in their districts and solar has been one of the major focal technologies in this effort. Solar energy is strategically and economically important for areas with sunshine and no other renewable green sources.

Solar energy and Photovoltaic, PV, technologies are very important for a lot of communities, a great number of professionals and certainly a great number of corporations. PV America 2012 offers the stage and the arena for all the networking and education to happen.