International Multi Disciplinary Conference on Solar Energy 2012

The International Multi Disciplinary Conference on Solar Energy 2012 (IMDCSE) will take place at Chennai, Tamilnadu in India from the 1st of February until the 3rd. The conferences theme deals with the growth of the Energy Sector and the consequences on the environment which make the need for implementing renewable energy options crucial. In specific, the focus of the conference will be on Solar Energy and its use increase that is on a surge nowadays. Solar Energy technologies are now mature and ready for a large scale implementation that can result into sustainable growth.  IMDCSE 2012 aims at bringing together professionals in the field from India as well as from abroad with the aim of shedding light into the current situation and future prospects of Solar Energy.

The conference is aimed at bringing together experts in all aspects of Solar Energy Engineering. The topics to be covered are:

Solar Photo Voltaics
1. Materials, Manufacturing, and Advances
2. Modeling and simulation
Charge Controllers
3. Power Control: Theory Design and Applications
4. Inverters and Grid Linkages
Solar Energy Systems
5. Systems: Energy Generation and Applications
6. Distributed Generations and Load Matching
7. Large Scale Power Systems: Planning and Design
8. Stand alone Systems
9. Energy Storage: Methods and Systems
Computational Intelligence and Solar Systems
10. Smart System and Optimization Methods
11. AI and Neural Network Schemes
System Reliability
12. Performance assessment: Efficiency and Reliability
13. Maintenance of Solar Installations
Solar Thermal Energy
14. Solar Absorbers, Collectors
15. Heating and Cooling Systems
16. Solar Thermal Systems: Theory, Design and Modelling
17. Energy Storage
18. Applications in Homes and Industry
Applications and Associated Challenges
19. Energy saving Architecture
20. Architecture and Building Integration
21. Networked Systems: Sensors and Transmission
22. Hydrogen Production, Desalination
23. Systems design for Rural and Urban Areas
24. Transportation and Communication
25. Nano technology Applications in Solar Energy
26. Government Incentives and Mandates