CSP Today USA 2012 – 6th Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference

CSP Today USA 2012 is the 6th Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference and Exhibition and will take place during 27-28 June, at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. With more than 80 speakers and 700 attendees, CSP Today USA is the biggest CSP industry event in North America and aims to provide the visitors with the ultimate CSP learning & industry networking experience. The key CSP challenges that will be addressed in the conference include the following:

  • Planning for long term success. Getting the leading CSP companies perspective on the 5 year plan for the future of CSP in the US and the steps the industry need to take to achieve their goal.
  • How can CSP survive without subsides? Find out how policy in the US has impacted CSP deployment and how proposed projects plan to get the green light to ensure CSP continues in the US
  • Selling CSP’s value proposition including dispatchability, grid integration and contribution to the economy
  • Cutting edge in innovation to commercialisation. Learn about the breakthroughs being made in R&D, and supplier solutions that will lead to more efficient and less costly components
  • Global CSP market on America’s doorstep: Journey the CSP plants of the world and get exclusive access to critical data from development to commissioning and beyond
  • Get financed fast! Prove CSP’s bankability to your investors and the world to compete for the cash with other renewables.