2nd Inverter and PV System Technology Forum

The 2nd forum on Inverter and PV System Technology will take place on 23-24 January 2012 at Berlin Germany. It is the second international conference, following the success of the first one done in 2011, which will deal with the electrical components, and their interaction, of a Photovoltaic, PV, system, a renewable green energy system.

The rapid expansion of the PV systems calls for a coordination effort so that the various component manufacturers and implementers will be in synchronization. This implies exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge. These complex activities can be communicated and exchanged under the roof of a specialized conference/forum. This is the role of the 2nd inverter and PV system technology forum.

The event is targeted in the integration of the complex technologies so as to achieve efficiencies and optimization.

Last year’s, 2011, event was attended by 300+ project developers, integrators, politicians, policy makers and in general all professionals in renewable green energy dealing specifically with the PV systems and the associated technology.

Who should attend?: PV system integrators, Scientists of renewable green energy, Project managers, developers, policy makers, finance providers, Press and professional associations and suppliers of the PV industry.

The forum is a perfect opportunity, apart from the technology update, to network and interact in professionals from all over the world in the renewable green energy industry.