Wave and Tidal 2013 conference and exhibition

by Andy Goldman on February 5, 2013

The Wave and Tidal 2013 conference and exhibition will take place at London, UK on the last 2 days of February 2013, 27-28th, and it is an event that the professionals in the field should not miss. It is the 10th conference and exhibition about wave and tidal energy and it is expected to attract more than 500 professionals from various backgrounds dealing with either wave energy or tidal energy. There will also be about 50 companies who will be exhibiting during the 2 days of the conference.

Wave and tidal energy in the UK

The UK is the global leader in ocean energy, wave and tidal energy, and for this reason attending this event which is organised in the UK will give you the opportunity to interact with real experts of the field with practical experience based on the implementations they have already done in the UK. The number of wave and tidal devices installed in the UK are more that all the devices installed in the rest of the world. So we recommend that you do not miss this event and the opportunity to attend the sessions, enter into discussions and learn about the innovations in the industry.

Wave and Tidal 2013 Conference Program

The programme will cover many areas which need to addressed and analysed. The most important of these areas are:

  • Technical challenges, faced by the industry
  • Grid Availability, in the areas were wave and tidal energy plants are operating
  • Attracting finance, for the implementation of the wave and tidal plants
  • Cost reduction strategies, so that the plants will be cost effective
  • Political support issues, to enable and facilitate the installations and attract investments

Some of the highlighted sessions of the conference program are:

Advancing Knowledge: This session will give new insights about tidal and wave energy and ensure that these insights are based on the existing advanced knowledge which exists among UK industry professionals

Environmental Research: Ensuring Knowledge Fits with Needs: In order to be able to handle the impact on the environment more environmental data are needed so as to address the needs of the industry and the methods to collect them and their use will be presented in this session

Tidal Energy – gearing up for arrays: The challenges of installing multi-device arrays and moving from single devices will be analysed and shared by experts of the tidal energy field. They will also present the latest developments in marine energy technology

Navigating the future: During the closing debate of this 2 day conference experts of the field from the industry, government and academia will discuss the latest developments of the wave and tidal energy industries and discuss about the future of these two industries

wave and tidal 2013 conference & Exhibition

Wave & Tidal Energy Exhibition

Along with the conference there will be an exhibition area where exhibitors will display and present their products and visitors will have a chance to discuss current and future concerns about the products and their cost. The exhibition floor will also be the area where visitors will be able to meet and network with people with common interests and concerns. There will be more than 50 exhibitors exhibiting products and services.

A book exhibition place will be operational for 3 days, will open 1 day before the opening of the conference, and will give the chance for individuals to buy books about wave and tidal energy.

This wave and tidal energy conference and exhibition is expected to attract around 500 professionals from various disciplines who will attend the event in order to get updated of the latest technology developments in wave and tidal energy. It should be noted that the 2013 event will be the 10th conference on wave and tidal energy and the fact that it is organized for 10 years guarantees the quality of the presentations and the level of the debates.

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