US invests $180 million for deployment of Offshore Wind Energy Projects

by Anton Right on March 6, 2012

US Department of Energy announced an ambitious 6 year plan to invest $180 million in four Offshore Wind Energy Projects with an initial investment of $20 million for year 2012. The goal of US is to heavily invest in wind energy in an effort to diversify the nation’s energy mix. Offshore wind energy is a new industry in US and is considered the key in the goal to generate 20% of the country’s electricity needs from wind energy by 2030.  US has a huge unexploited potential in offshore wind power generation due to the strong and consistent winds across its coasts. These new projects are expected to accelerate the deployment of innovative wind power technologies and boost up the generation of electricity from offshore wind energy. Moreover, the projects are expected to promote economic development in a new industry that is continually growing on a global scale and drive design, manufacturing, installation and new jobs across the US.

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Anton Right is an engineer with keen interest in renewable technologies. For the last 10 years he has been following with excitment the evolution of renewable technologies. His main goal is to promote these technologies and a green way of life to the public. He is an editor in in an effort to promote renewables and in in an effort to promote a green way of living.

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