The 5th International Biomass conference & Expo

by Andy Goldman on January 19, 2012

The 5th International Biomass conference & Expo will take place April 16-19 2012 at Colorado Denver. It is an established annual event that attracts more than 1400 visitors from all over the world who deal or have interest in Biomass. The event deals with all biomass industries: thermal energy, fuels and chemicals and bio-based power, thus concentrating the whole industry in one conference.

We all know that Biomass power is nothing else than the use of Biomass to produce electricity. The technologies used to achieve this are the ones listed above.  The modern use of Biomass involves the use of Combined Heat and Power, CHP, systems so as to exploit, to its fullest, the produced energy thus increasing the overall efficiency of the system.

The event brings together all stakeholders of the Biomass sector. Among attendees there will be legislators, Politicians, industry leaders, academics and expert practitioners in the field.

The 2011 event was attended by 1400 professionals despite of the extended recession facing the world. This year’s event is expected to attract more than 1500 professionals. There will be more than 100 speakers of deep knowledge and expertise and there will be more than 30 panels, 90 technical presentations while the whole event will be separated in 6 distinct tracks. These are:

  • Pellets and Densified Biomass
  • Industrial & Commercial Thermal Energy
  • Biomass Power
  • Biogas & Landfill Gas
  • Advance Biofuels & Biobased chemicals

Over the years, the event has gained recognition and it is now considered the largest event on Biomass energy and thus the 2011 event had visitors from 28 countries and from more than 20 states of the USA.

In parallel to the conference there will be an Expo, where presenter, sponsors and exhibitors, will display and promote new products and technologies in Biomass.

The 2012 International Biomass Conference & Expo is an event that should not be missed by any professional and interested individual in Biomass.

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