The 2nd Green ICT Application Challenge

by Andy Goldman on July 16, 2012

The year 2012 has been declared by the UN as the ‘’International Year for Sustainable Energy for all’’. Sustainable Energy is another way of defining Renewable Energy and the certainly the terms can be used interchangeably. Sustainable Energy is also Green and it comes in many forms, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal and Water Energy.

The International Telecommunications Union, ITU, has organised for the second year the Green ICT application challenge. It is well known to all that ITU is committed in providing sustainable and affordable renewable green energy to all through the use of Information Communication Technology, ICT.  This way, we will all make the effort to build us a green sustainable future something that we owe it to the future generations.

The 2nd Green ICT Application Challenge was open from February 1st till May 31st 2012 and the results were announced just a few days ago. The evaluation criteria for the contest were the following:

The proposed projects or solutions were called to satisfy certain requirements and show that:

  • The Objective: of the solution was to contribute to the development of innovative systems, solutions and/or technologies that would address the climate change problem
  • The Impact:  how they would impact positively to the environment
  • The Innovation: How original and inspiring is the proposed solution/application
  • The Implementation Plan – First of all, the application should be feasible and there should be a good plan that would indicate how the solution would be implemented
  • The Business Model – it has to be proven that the proposed application is viable and marketable and that it can be widely use throughout the industries. This means that it should be as user friendly as possible and have a potential growth.
  • Developing Countries parameter – it was indicated that preferences would be given to applications that would assist developing countries to address their environmental issues.

The interest for this competition was great and there were a significant number of applications from various parts of the world.  The winning application is ‘’SocialElectricity’’ submitted by Andreas Kamilaris from Cyprus.  SocialElectricity is a facebook application, capturing the social media trend and the popularity of facebook, which allows people to compare their electricity footprint. The electricity footprint can be compared with friends, neighbourhood, village or town within the same country. This application will help people understand and be aware and alert about their electricity consumption and be more geared in saving electricity thus reducing the CO2 footprint.  The winner, Andreas Kamilaris, is a PhD student at the University of Cyprus.

The four runner ups or special mentions are the following applications:

Standby Monitor for Home Appliances, – An application proposed by Gauri Dutt Sharma from India which aims to reduce the power wastage in home appliances.

Electrosoft – An application proposed by Gopal Tiwari from India that deals with the Electric Power Scheduling with the main objective the accurate scheduling and control of power supply leading to minimization of electricity consumption.

Power Control of Rural ICT Systems – An application proposed by Tohru Asami from Japan proposing the integration management technology for Renewable Green Energy so as to run ICT systems in rural areas exploiting the surplus power of PV systems.

SURE! – It is an application proposed by Andy Backer from Spain about a certification system that enables not only companies but individuals in an interactive, voluntary and fun way to become more sustainable.

The awards will be given at a ceremony that will take place in Paris, France on September 19th 2012.

It is certainly encouraging and promising to see the use of ICT for the purposes of managing and making renewable green energy more efficient and effective and that the same time seeing power produced from renewable green energy sources to be used for the needs of ICT.

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