Solar Water Heating, SWH, Events – Conferences and Expos

by Andy Goldman on December 30, 2012

Solar Water Heating, SWH, events like Conferences and Expos are great opportunities for people to get updated on new developments in the area of Solar Water Heating, learn about new methods and innovations and at the same time network with individuals and specialists of the same industry. Solar Water Heating is just another application which uses Solar Energy, the solar thermal component of Sunlight, and it is yet another clean renewable energy application aiming in energy conversation and a clean environment.

Solar Water Heating Events

Solar Water Heating events are organized every year around the world to cover a wide range of issues which concern the industry and which are the basic components for the future development of the industry. By industry we not only mean the manufacturers but the whole solar water heating value chain stakeholders starting from the beneficiaries, who will be enjoying the solar hot water heating, to the installers and the government who may or may not subsidize the effort to the various research centers which carry out research to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of solar water heaters.

Solar Water Heating, SWH, events which are either conferences or Expos and in some cases both, usually deal with the following important issues which are of concern to the industry:

  • Solar Water Heating process
  • Building Environment for both residential and commercial buildings
  • Energy Efficiency parameters concerning solar water heating
  • Innovations about Solar Water Heater systems which include the solar water heaters, solar collectors and solar hot water storage
  • The economics of a solar water heating project and the benefits resulting from such projects
  • Exhibition by manufacturers and installers, Exporters and Importers of Solar water heating equipment and components

solar water heating

The following Solar Water Heating Events, at an International level, are a few of the events taking place and have been identified from a number of events available in 2013.

Solar 2013 Conference & Expo

The event will take place 23-24 May 2013 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center in Melbourne, Australia. This 2-day event will cover Solar Water Heating, SWH, and how this can be extended to cover the low grade process heating needs for industry.

InterSolar Expo

InterSolar expo is an event which will take place on 19-21 June 2013 in Munich, Germany and will cover many products of the Solar Energy Industry among which are Solar Heaters and Solar Water Heaters.

Solar Thermal China 2013

Solar Thermal China is a trading platform and the first such exhibition which started in China and is dedicated to the solar thermal market. It will take place in Beijing, China on July 3-5 2013 and among the topics and exhibit profiles it includes Solar Water Heaters and Solar collectors.

Go Solar California

The Go Solar California initiative covers a series of events which deal with Solar Energy and among others, it covers solar water heating. Two workshops are organized in January 2013 and with the following topics:

  • Solar Water Heating basics for Single Family Homeowners, January 22nd 2013
  • Solar Water Heating basics for commercial-Industrial Customers, January 24th 2013

Both workshops will inform the participants about the Solar Water Heating initiatives in California, the various available technologies and the availability of rebates involving Solar Water Heating.

Gulf Eco Expo & Conference 2013

The Gulf Eco Expo & Conference 2013 will take place in Muscat, Oman 20th January 2013 and it is one of the most comprehensive events in the Gulf area about the environment.  One of the topics of the event is Solar Water Heating, SWH.

The Solar Show Africa 2013

The show which will take place at Johannesburg, South Africa on April 9-10 2013 is the largest solar show in Africa. It addresses all aspects of solar energy and one of its topics in the exhibition section is Solar thermal and water heating.

China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products

This trade fair will take place at Hong Kong, China on April 19th-22nd 2013 and will be the fair for energy saving products such as Solar Water Heaters.

Qingdao International Solar Energy and Building Integrated Applications Technology Exhibition

This is a 3 day event which will take place at Qingdao, China on 6-8 April 2013 that will bring Chinese and foreign traders and Solar Energy industry leaders together. There will be exhibits about Solar Water Heating systems, Solar Water Heaters, Solar collectors, flatbed split solar water collectors and Solar Central Water heating systems.

As one can understand there is a lot of activity in the Solar Water Heating arena and Solar Water Heater manufacturing since this is a cost effective and clean renewable solution for the provision of hot water in your home or business.

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