Solar Panel Installation

by Andy Goldman on March 3, 2013

If you plan to have solar panels for your home or business you will definitely need a professional and certified solar panel installer to do your Solar Panel installation so that you would feel sure that your investment in solar energy will last for the number of years specified, warrantied and estimated in your feasibility Study.

Installation of Solar Panels at your home

Solar Panel Installation cost is definitely a factor which should be taken into account when considering the installation of solar panels for your home or business. As many solar panel installers say and claim the cost of solar panels is not the major cost of the total solar panel cost. There are many other factors involved and the installation cost should not be ignored.

When considering the installation of solar panels for your home and knowing the solar panel installation cost you will need to decide if you are to install the panels yourself following the DIY solar panels path, as a good percentage of homeowners do, or you will call in a certified and well trained solar panel installer to do the installation for you.

Cost of Solar Panel Installation

In a recent report from Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory the Solar Panel Installation cost between USA and Germany is compared, analysed and explained. It is shown that even though the cost of solar panels in both countries is the same and was about 1.80 USD/watt in 2011, there was a great difference in the installation cost. The solar panel installation cost in Germany was 1.20 USD/watt while in the US was 4.36 USD/watt, more than three times that of Germany!

One of the factors contributing to this great difference is the total amount of solar energy panels installed in each country. Solar Power installed in Germany was 5 times more in Germany than in the US in 2011. This means that there are more educated and trained solar panel installers which means that they have gone through the necessary learning curve, they are more educated and experienced and probably more efficient than their colleagues in the USA.

Given the high solar panel installation cost in the US and knowing that the more panels installed per installation the more labor is involved, one of the challenges and choices a home owner has, is to select a solar panel system which is as efficient and effective as possible so that it would require the least number of panels installed thus less labor and less installation cost.

DIY Solar Panel Installation

One of the options that every home owner has, when in the process of installing a solar home panel system, is to do the installation by himself. DIY solar panel installation is popular in the US because the high cost of solar panel installation or because there is not a sufficient number of solar panel installers in certain areas. Whichever the case may be the fact remains that DIY solar panel installation is an option every home owner has and there are many DIY stores nationwide which specialize in this area and offer advice and in some cases training to individuals who chose the DIY path. Off course it should be noted that DIY solar panel installers should be individuals who would know what they are doing, this is not a job for amateurs, as solar panel installation involves some high risks such as live high-voltage DC wiring. Therefor DIY solar panel installation is not for everyone.

Solar Panel Installation Training

Solar Panel Installers need to undergo specific training and then pass the exams in order to certify their knowledge and become professional certified solar panel installers.

People who want to become solar photovoltaic panel installers need to choose a good educational institution which will provide to them balanced training involving both theory and practice. At the end of this training the installer would need to be certified and the most prestigious and widely recognized certification in North America is the one provided by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, NABCEP.

A solar panel installer should master how to do proper and safe installations, size and install solar panels and interconnect solar panel systems and their various components such as the inverters involved and needed to convert the DC to usable AC power.

There are various national professional certifications for solar panel installations which should be the target of every solar panel installer. Certifications are a proof of knowledge of a certain level and standard and in most of the cases they are required by local authorities who give permits for people or companies to do solar panel installations.

solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installers

Solar Panel Installers should be able to handle a project from start to finish and in order for them to do this, they need to be educated and trained. In addition they need to be licensed to do installations and off course be insured against accidents and possible damages.

Handling solar panel installations from start to finish implies and it involves the complete and proper handling of all solar panel installation-related paper work. This work involves the coordination with the local power company for the connectivity to the grid, the application for all local authority permits, the applications for the tax credits and incentives and any other paperwork needed. At the completion of the project the proper paper work needs to be completed when the project would be inspected by the local authorities.

Some Solar panel installers can provide financing of both the installation and the solar panels needed for a specific installation.

When choosing a solar panel installer you should expect to get the highest quality of installation, with the outmost professionalism. Your criteria should be as strict and as educated as the criteria used for the selection of solar panels for your home.

The installation of solar panels on the roof of your home and their connectivity to the national grid or to your home electricity installation is a job which needs to be designed and executed with the outmost professionalism and care if the installation would produce the desire results.

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