Solar Impulse and Other Solar Initiatives by Morocco

by Andy Goldman on June 28, 2012

Solar Impulse is a solar aircraft which flew over the Mediterranean Sea and landed safely at Rabat-Sale in Morocco. This is one of many solar initiatives and innovations by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN). Morocco is a Mediterranean country at the north shores of Africa.

Solar Impulse has scored a great achievement. It has proven that a solar powered plane can fly day and night without fuel and thus no pollution of the atmosphere. This was the first step towards a new journey, the journey of solar powered planes. The aim of the project and of all those involved in it,  is to prove that planes can fly with green renewable energy thus joining forces with all solar energy initiatives to make the world greener and less polluted.

The Solar Impulse initiative was under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Following an invitation of the MASEN the Solar plane has departed from Madrid-Barajas airport on June 5h at 05:22 AM and following a carefully planned flight scheduled has landed, after a total of 19 hours and 8 minutes flight and a travel of 830 Km, at Rabat-Sale International Airport of Morocco. This was a symbolic flight involving two continents with the two pilots, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg.

The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy, MASEN, has taken and will continue to take advantage of this flight and the Solar Impulse team, so as to raise awareness about the solar energy’s potential in Morocco and in the world in general. MASEN is responsible for Morocco’s solar energy initiative and it has started the construction of the world’s largest plants of thermo-solar power. This plan is now being built in the Moroccan region of Ouarzazate. The capacity of the plant will be of 160 MW and it is part of Morocco’s ambitious plan which has as a target to build 5 solar parks of a total capacity of 2000 MW by 2020 and at the same time reduce the CO2 emissions by 3.7 million tons. The Solar Impulse initiative/project fits into this initiatives and it is a pioneering and innovative way to promote the whole philosophy of renewable green energy.

MASEN’s initiatives and plan of events includes educational seminars, conferences and lectures for adults and youth so as to stimulate the solar energy philosophy and way of thinking among the population of Morocco.

The Solar Impulse project was supported by Switzerland which played an important role in the whole effort and is committed in supporting Morocco in this sustainable energy journey. Switzerland’s commitment to Morocco’s initiative for sustainable development is given and apparent in the educational arena where they have undertaken the education of the Moroccan population is environmental and renewable energy issues.

The goal and drive behind the Solar Impulse initiative was to be the first in the area where aviation and solar energy join forces in exploring the possibilities of voyaging without fuel or pollution and to set the scene for innovation in the area of renewable green energy, clean and sustainable energies and associated technologies. The whole world and the renewable green energy society welcome such initiatives especially when such initiatives come from developing countries like Morocco.

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