International Conference on Ocean Energy, ICOE, 2012

by Andy Goldman on October 14, 2012

The 4th International Conference on Ocean Energy, ICOE, will take place in Dublin on October 17th-19th 2012. This conference is which will take place at the Convention Center Dublin is organized by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, SEAI, in association with the European Ocean Energy Association and comes only a few weeks after EU’s Limassol Declaration about exploitation and exploration of the oceans and seas surrounding Europe.

It is expected that over 800 experts from all over the world representing institutions and companies in ocean energy will gather in Dublin to provide their expertise and network with peer professionals. Academic and industry experts in Ocean energy will present hundreds of papers on this renewable green energy source, RES.  In addition to paper presentation the conference is an opportunity for industrial companies to exhibit their products and demonstrate the latest technologies on Ocean Energy.

The ICOE is held every two years with the goal to share experiences and developments in the renewable marine energy. One of the goals of the conference is to accelerate development in the marine energy by stimulating and promoting the collaboration between the industry and the research and development centers.

International Conference on Ocean Energy, ICOE, 2012

This decade and till 2020, as stated in the Limassol Declaration, will be the decade in which Ocean energy, Tidal and Wave energy, will have an increased contribution in the electricity production of Europe and will create many jobs while at the same time contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and conservation of the environment.

The conference will cover the following 5 themes:

1.      Ocean Power Generation Technologies

  1. Wave Energy Convertors
  2. Tidal Stream Technologies
  3. Salinity Gradient and OTEC
  4. Hybrid Systems

2.      Performance and Environmental Issues

  1. Test and Demonstration facilities
  2. Power compliance and Grid Integration Issues
  3. Device measurement and monitoring
  4. Ocean Energy Resource Assessment
  5. Environmental Impact Studies

3.      Marine Renewable Energy Economics and Policies

  1. International Projects and Policies
  2. Ocean Energy Roadmaps
  3. Economics of Social Energy
  4. Financing Issues
  5. Permits & Licensing

4.      Device Components

  1. Mooring and Foundation Systems
  2. Power cables and connectors

5.      Deployment, Operation and Maintenance

  1. Ports, Vessels and Supply chain issues
  2. Interactions with other Ocean Industries
  3. Site Investigation
  4. Evaluation and Standards

The ICOE 2012 is an event which will promote Ocean energy as renewable green energy and will give a chance to the delegates to network and be updated on recent developments in this vital renewable energy area.

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