International Conference in Renewable Energy Utilization, ICREU, 2012

by Andy Goldman on January 2, 2012

A Renewable Green Energy conference, ICREU 2012, will take on January 4-6 2012 at Coimbatore India. The conference is about the utilization of renewable energy and it is jointly organized by the Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India and the Oklahoma State University, Stillwater USA.

What is a renewable energy source? It is that renewable energy received from an energy resource that is replaced, renewed, by a natural process. Examples of renewable energy sources are: the sun and wind.

This international conference on renewable energy utilization, IC-REU, places its emphasis on integrated policies and management processes and practices that should be adopted by all stakeholders so that utilization barriers are lifted or eased. This conference provides many opportunities in Renewable Energy utilization such as: integration of renewable energy systems with energy efficiency, transfer of know-how, implementation of special projects and the promotion of Clean Development Mechanisms, CDM.

There are several keynote speakers from India, USA, Germany and Australia, who are experts in their area, and who will present their topic with the aim to transfer knowledge and inspire the attendees. The topics these keynote speakers will cover are: Renewable energy utilization, Past, Present and Future, Emerging renewable energy technologies, Solar energy systems and Smart Power Grid in the 21st century. All of which are interesting and huge topics by themselves. In combination with the keynote speeches there will be several technical sessions that will deal with the topics of the keynotes.

There are basically 4 renewable green energy sources that are considered during this conference. These are: tidal energy, Solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy.

The vision of the conference is to develop innovative tools that would enable the creation of commodious life that will have zero environmental impact by exploiting the use of efficient renewable green energy sources in all activities of the future.

The IC-REU 2012 is probably the first conference on renewable green energy for the year 2012 and it is done in a developing country that has a lot to gain from international experience and know-how.

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