Clinton Urges communities to focus on Renewable Energy Sources, RES

by Andy Goldman on July 26, 2012

Former US President Bill Clinton gave an inspiring speech on July 21st 2012 at the European University in Cyprus. In his speech, among others, he preached for a turn to Renewable Green Energy Resources, RES. Bill Clinton urged the Cyprus Republic to expand its RES sector by giving three solid reasons:

  • Help tackle the global warming
  • Create Green jobs
  • Keep energy costs down

Cyprus has recently discovered natural gas in its exclusive economic zone. President Clinton however advised the Cypriots to make good use of their natural gas and at the same time invest in solar and wind power and since Cyprus is an island invest in tidal energy as well.  He said that the despite of the fact that Cyprus is lucky and blessed to find natural gas they should not use it as an excuse or a diversion and move away from commitments to RES investments.


During his speech and while focusing in RES and Cyprus’s potential on RES he gave a piece of advice to the Cypriots. He said: ‘’ if you painted every roof white in Cyprus you would immediately reduce heat in the homes by 20 per cent’’!  He went on and added that people should learn and be taught to use less energy and make a turn and change the source they use for their electricity.

While talking about the recent economic crisis, President Clinton gave some suggestions. He suggested that countries should invest in RES to create jobs and that the developed world should find out a new model of growth and certainly RES can and should be part of this model.

In concluding President Clinton stated that the future belongs to those who choose creative cooperation and innovation and nations should work together against global warming. It is not the first time that President Clinton promotes RES and it certainly not coincidental. RES is part of life and our future.

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