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Solar panels use sunlight to produce direct electricity (DC). To be able to use solar electricity, in both on-grid and off-grid solar panel installations, we need to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC); solar inverters are used to make this DC-AC conversion, thus transform solar electricity in a usable form.

We all understand that any kind of energy, Renewable or not, has both pros and cons. In this article we list and briefly describe the pros and cons of Tidal Energy (Tidal Power). Tidal Energy is the renewable green energy source produced by capturing the power of the tides caused by the gravitational forces of […]

Wave Energy Pros and Cons

Wave Energy Pros and Cons

by Andy Goldman on January 21, 2013

Wave energy is a promising Renewable Energy Source, RES, and it is one of the two sources of Ocean Energy. A quick way to understand Wave energy is to go through the wave energy pros and cons so that we will get an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy and be able […]

Hydroelectric energy is as we all understand one of the five forms of Renewable Energy Sources, RES, and as the current facts and figures indicate, Hydroelectric energy is the number one Renewable Energy Source. It is one of the 3 forms of water energy or hydro energy as it is otherwise known. The other two […]

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

solar energy pros and cons

by Dino Green on December 28, 2012

This is the ultimate guide to solar energy pros and cons; to give you the best overview of the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy we have broken them down to easily understood sub sections based on the main solar energy systems and solar technologies. Firstly we take a look on the pros and cons […]

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels are undoubtedly what comes to peoples’ minds when they talk about solar energy. Considering that in an hour, the sun radiates solar energy enough to cover for human energy consumption for a year then going green with solar Photovoltaic  (PV) panels

Should everyone install renewable solar energy systems at home? Switching to solar panels will certainly limit your impact on the environment as you will use renewable solar energy in place of conventional energy to cover for your household energy needs.

Solar energy systems are classified into three system categories: Solar thermal, passive solar and Solar Photovoltaic systems (see “renewable energy sources: solar energy systems”). In this article we review the operation of Solar Thermal technologies and