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You may be thinking; “Solar power my home? I’ve heard that before.” It’s true that solar power has been long hailed as the solution to our coming energy crisis, with thousands of megawatts beating down on our planet daily, it very well may be that one day our homes will be powered with clean energy […]

Solar photovoltaic panels are a proven and mature technology that has diffused successfully into green architecture; the use of solar panels in buildings constitutes a solution towards green energy, in line with contemporary architectural design and with economic and environmental viability.

With the price of oil going higher and higher and with our environment being polluted and with existing financial crisis prevailing in most of the developed countries, more and more people are turning to Solar Energy in search for a cheaper and greener energy source. Solar energy is a renewable green energy source that needs […]

The definition of zero-energy-home or zero energy building is often misunderstood as a building having zero energy consumption. A zero energy building simply refers to a building producing the same (or more) amount of energy than what it consumes within a single year.

Algae biodiesel

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by Peter Kay on June 10, 2012

Algae are a diverse group of simple organisms that are usually autotrophic. During the oil crisis in 1978 US investigated the possibility of algae being an alternative fuel to fossil ones. Ever since research is being carried out but the recent increase in oil prices has reheated interest for the production of biodiesel from algae.

Biogas basics in a nutshell

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by Peter Kay on April 11, 2012

Biogas is a renewable source of energy that belongs to the category of biofuels. Biogas is produced from the breakdown of biological material in the absence of oxygen (the lack of oxygen is called anaerobic condition). The main materials used for its

A Waste To Energy (WTE) process creates electricity, heat and other consumer products  (such as recyclable metals and vitrified glass) by using domestic garbage as fuel. The official term for the garbage used in waste to energy processes is Municipal Solid Waste

What is Biomass?

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by Peter Kay on January 20, 2012

Essentially biomass energy comes from the sun since plants use its energy to undergo the process of photosynthesis which takes place during their growth and results into storing energy into their roots and leaves. In addition animals which can also be used as