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The investment firm Goldman Sachs has announced that it will invest 40 Billion USD in the renewable energy arena. The investment has a 10 year horizon and it is certainly not the first investment stream by the investment giant.

All-Energy 2012 Conference and exhibition is opening its gates May 23rd and will be open for 2 days, May 23-24. This Renewable Energy show is taking place at the energy city of UK- Aberdeen of Scotland.

All future energy related decisions and suggestions should involve and address sustainable development and efficient energy use. The Eastern part of the Mediterranean is currently facing significant challenges and

The Department of Energy released on April 17th an evaluation of the potential to produce electricity using hydro power technologies on existing dams in the US that are not currently used for this purpose. According to the report without constructing any new

Solar Energy is one of the renewable energy sources and one that is available to all parts of the world. Barefoot College teaches its poor and most often uneducated mature students the use of solar energy and how Solar Energy can be a critical success factor and their key for the struggle against poverty.

It was reported today that Areva, a French renewable energy firm, has been awarded the contract to build the largest CSP plant in Asia. This CSP plant will be build in India and it will be build for India’s Reliance Power. Areva will use their Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector, CLFR, technology for this 250 MW […]

Greece is planning to combat its debt deficit by capitalising on one of its most valuable assets – solar energy! Greek Prime minister Loucas Papademos has set ‘Helios project’, a 10 GW solar energy plan, as a national priority, aiming to produce renewable solar

Daniel Yergin speaks about the future of Global Energy.  This is an interesting short video to watch in which he gives his views about the future of global energy until the year 2030. Daniel Yergin believes that still at the year 2030 there will be dominance of non-renewable energy.