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According to the European Commission  Directorate-General (DG) for Climate Action, the EU NER-300 funding scheme, a program for carbon capture and storage and for innovative renewable energy projects, a second call for proposal has just been announced and is now open for applications to the European Investment Bank. The program will accept applications until 3rd […]

Solar Panels have been improved a lot over the past years due to many reasons but mainly due to the increased demand and research money invested in this direction by the government and other leading academic institutions and renewable green energy companies. Peel-and-stick Solar Panels Scientists at the Stanford University in the USA have innovated […]

Solar cells have come a long way in the past few years alone. Recent developments at MIT have allowed for paper thin solar cells to be applied with a stick on backing and added to everything from windows to business cards. Other developments have worked to increase the efficiency of solar cells, most of which […]

Solar Water Heating, SWH, events like Conferences and Expos are great opportunities for people to get updated on new developments in the area of Solar Water Heating, learn about new methods and innovations and at the same time network with individuals and specialists of the same industry. Solar Water Heating is just another application which […]

The 4th International Conference on Ocean Energy, ICOE, will take place in Dublin on October 17th-19th 2012. This conference is which will take place at the Convention Center Dublin is organized by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, SEAI, in association with the European Ocean Energy Association and comes only a few weeks after EU’s […]

The Ministers responsible for the Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union member states have on October 7th 2012 and have agreed among other things to promote renewable energy sources, RES, the Blue Economy and Blue Energy.

The 27th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 27th EU PVSEC, will take place on September 24-28 2012 with the Conference starting on the 24th while the exhibition will start on the 25th. This year’s event will be take place at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

Former US President Bill Clinton gave an inspiring speech on July 21st 2012 at the European University in Cyprus. In his speech, among others, he preached for a turn to Renewable Green Energy Resources, RES. Bill Clinton urged the Cyprus Republic to expand its RES sector by giving three solid reasons: