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How much do wind turbines cost? Unfortunately, there is no straight single answer to this but only a dependent one based on custom specific circumstances; any single answer to this question, unfortunately, should not be taken too seriously unless it’s followed by full analysis of constituent wind energy costs. To help you understand and be […]

When it comes to the differences between offshore and onshore wind farms, offshore wind farms have many more advantages over onshore wind farms as far as their efficiency, capacity and generation of higher levels of electricity are concerned.

We have seen up to now how Wind Power can be used to generate electricity in wind farms and to cover the needs of a home with home wind turbines. Wind Power can also be used in a number of commercial applications to cover some of the needs of your company or organization.

Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore Wind Farms

by Anton Right on March 28, 2012

A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines in a single location and is used for the commercial production of electricity. There are two types of wind warms: the onshore wind farms and the offshore wind farms.

A recent post of ‘’The daily stat’’ by the Harvard Business Review, HBR, has dealt with the impact on home prices of Wind Turbines used for the production of renewable green power. The study that was done in USA has shown that the impact was Zero, (0).

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

by Anton Right on February 18, 2012

There are two major types of wind turbines: the horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) and vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT). This article is about the less common vertical axis wind turbines.

A wind turbine is the main element of a wind farm, and is used to convert the kinetic energy of the wind to mechanical energy and then to electricity. In the context of electricity production the wind turbine is also known as wind generator.

There are many myths around wind renewable energy, wind turbines and wind farms. This article is about dispelling the 7 most important myths.