Wave Energy

Wave energy is a category of water energy and hydro-power

What is wave energy?

what is wave energy?

by Andy Goldman on April 17, 2013

Waves are caused by winds blowing across the surface of the sea. The wind energy is transferred to the waves and thus the stronger the wind is the more energy is into the waves. So wave energy is the energy contained in the waves. Wave Energy is proportional to the square of the height of […]

The UK is a global leader in Wave and Tidal Energy, both being Renewable Energy Sources, RESs, and both under the umbrella of Ocean Energy. As a world leader UK has long term plans for the commercialization of the technologies which enable the efficient exploitation of the power of the waves and tides. Wave and […]

The Wave and Tidal 2013 conference and exhibition will take place at London, UK on the last 2 days of February 2013, 27-28th, and it is an event that the professionals in the field should not miss. It is the 10th conference and exhibition about wave and tidal energy and it is expected to attract […]

Wave Energy Pros and Cons

Wave Energy Pros and Cons

by Andy Goldman on January 21, 2013

Wave energy is a promising Renewable Energy Source, RES, and it is one of the two sources of Ocean Energy. A quick way to understand Wave energy is to go through the wave energy pros and cons so that we will get an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy and be able […]

After reading the recent article Introduction to Wave Energy Converters one question which comes to mind is: How do you choose the location of a Wave Energy Converter, WEC? What are the factors which should be taken into consideration when choosing the WEC location? The answer to these questions is important for the Wave Energy […]

Wave Energy, as the name implies, is the energy of the waves, captured and converted into useful energy. Wave energy conversion is done with the aid of Wave Energy Converters, WECs. There are different types of Wave Energy Converters and these are used accordingly based on the requirements, location and magnitude of the specific project. […]

Wave Energy Facts

Wave Energy Facts

by Andy Goldman on September 9, 2012

Wave energy is one of the five sources of renewable energy. Wave energy is the energy carried by the waves of the sea or oceans, caused by the winds blowing over the oceans and when captured can be converted into useful, clean and green electricity.

As stated in an earlier post, wave energy is one of the two renewable energy sources which belong to the Ocean subcategory of the more general hydro energy renewable sources. Wave energy is the energy carried by the waves on the surface of the ocean or sea, which can be captured and be used for […]