Hydroelectric Energy

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What is Hydropower?

What is hydropower?

by Andy Goldman on April 9, 2013

One of the first questions which come to mind when people hear about Hydropower is: What is Hydropower? It takes some reading and some analysis of the word to understand and the importance of Hydropower in our lives. Hydropower is one of the Renewable Energy Sources, RES, and as a matter of fact is the […]

Hydropower Energy

Hydropower Energy

by Andy Goldman on April 1, 2013

Hydropower is the power of water. Hydro comes from the Greek word ‘’ύδωρ ‘’ which means water. What does Hydropower mean? Hydropower is the energy contained in the moving water. Moving water means either falling water or running water. This energy, or this force, may be captured so as to produce useful work and be […]

Hydropower and Hydroelectric energy in general is the largest Renewable Energy Source, RES. It is by far the largest RES and it is the renewable energy source which was firstly exploited and used to produce useful work for mankind. Hydrovision Hydrovision which will take place in July 23-26 2013 at Colorado USA is the world’s […]

Hydroelectric Power Facts

Hydroelectric Power Facts

by Andy Goldman on February 18, 2013

Hydroelectric Power is until this day the number one renewable green energy source in the world in terms power output. It is also the first used renewable energy sources, RES, for the production of electricity. The first hydroelectric plant was built at Niagara Falls, Canada, in 1879 and in 1882 the first hydroelectric plant operated […]

Hydroelectric energy is as we all understand one of the five forms of Renewable Energy Sources, RES, and as the current facts and figures indicate, Hydroelectric energy is the number one Renewable Energy Source. It is one of the 3 forms of water energy or hydro energy as it is otherwise known. The other two […]

Hydroelectric Energy is one of the three forms of water energy. The other two forms of water energy being the tidal and wave energy. Water energy in its turn is one of the 5 renewable green energy sources.

Hydroelectric energy accounts for about 6% of the YTD 2012 total production of electricity and it is by far the number one renewable green energy source in terms of electricity production. It is also the first used renewable energy source and it is widely used in areas with massive water flow. Hydroelectric energy is one […]