Tidal Energy

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What is Tidal Energy?

What is Tidal Energy

by Andy Goldman on April 23, 2013

Tidal Energy is a Renewable Energy Source, RES, produced by the rise and fall of tides which occur in all parts of the world. Tides are caused by the gravitational force of the moon, called lunar gravitational force, and that of the sun. Tidal Energy when captured can be used to produce useful energy such […]

The UK is a global leader in Wave and Tidal Energy, both being Renewable Energy Sources, RESs, and both under the umbrella of Ocean Energy. As a world leader UK has long term plans for the commercialization of the technologies which enable the efficient exploitation of the power of the waves and tides. Wave and […]

The Wave and Tidal 2013 conference and exhibition will take place at London, UK on the last 2 days of February 2013, 27-28th, and it is an event that the professionals in the field should not miss. It is the 10th conference and exhibition about wave and tidal energy and it is expected to attract […]

We all understand that any kind of energy, Renewable or not, has both pros and cons. In this article we list and briefly describe the pros and cons of Tidal Energy (Tidal Power). Tidal Energy is the renewable green energy source produced by capturing the power of the tides caused by the gravitational forces of […]

Tidal energy is one of the five (5) Renewable Green Energy sources in the direction of which governments and institutions are looking in order to find solutions for their energy problems. Tidal energy is a clean and sustainable form of energy and there is evidence that it has been used by mankind for more than […]

The 6th International Tidal Energy Summit and Awards Ceremony will take place on 28-29th November 2012 at London, UK. This summit on one of the renewable green energy sources, Tidal Energy, is an event which will bring this sector’s stakeholders, service providers, device manufacturers and tidal device developers, under one roof.  

Tidal Energy is the energy produced from the tidal power, which is nothing else than the power of a tide. Tidal Power is more predictable than the other two major renewable energy sources, solar power and wind power. Facts about Tides, the sources of Tidal Energy Tides are simply the rise and fall of water […]

Tidal Energy is one of the Renewable Energy Sources, RES,  and together with the Wave Energy are the two forms of the Ocean Energy Renewable Source. In short, Tidal Energy is the energy captured from the tides in the oceans and seas which are caused by the gravitational forces of the moon, primarily, and of […]