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Solar panel cleaning

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by Dino Green on March 22, 2013

Solar panel maintenance is relatively easy and low cost considering that solar panels do not incorporate any mechanical moving parts. However, maintaining your solar panels in tip top condition is of significant importance for maintaining a high performance of the photovoltaic cell. Herein you will learn how to clean solar panels easily and effectively!

Solar Panels have been improved a lot over the past years due to many reasons but mainly due to the increased demand and research money invested in this direction by the government and other leading academic institutions and renewable green energy companies. Peel-and-stick Solar Panels Scientists at the Stanford University in the USA have innovated […]

While some of these technologies haven’t been developed for residential purposes, some have already paved the way to accessible alternative sources of energy and this includes the solar panels.

The more you search for information about Solar Panels for home the more questions will arise and for these questions you will need answers. We have covered the initial questions and some additional questions a home owner may have the moment (s)he decides to install a solar panel on the roof of his home. We […]

By now you have decided that Solar Panels are good for you and your home. You have read our article Solar Panels for Home – the initial questions and you ready to proceed with the installation of solar panels on top of your house, on the roof.  Well we believe that you are now at […]

If you plan to have solar panels for your home or business you will definitely need a professional and certified solar panel installer to do your Solar Panel installation so that you would feel sure that your investment in solar energy will last for the number of years specified, warrantied and estimated in your feasibility […]

You may be thinking; “Solar power my home? I’ve heard that before.” It’s true that solar power has been long hailed as the solution to our coming energy crisis, with thousands of megawatts beating down on our planet daily, it very well may be that one day our homes will be powered with clean energy […]

Solar photovoltaic panels are a proven and mature technology that has diffused successfully into green architecture; the use of solar panels in buildings constitutes a solution towards green energy, in line with contemporary architectural design and with economic and environmental viability.