Solar water heater

Solar water heaters are subsystems of solar thermal that use renewable solar power to raise the temperature of a liguid. Solar hot water applications include hot water in buildings, hot water usage, space heating, pool heating and other building applications via solar heating systems.

One of the issues and problems swimming pool owners have is the heating of their swimming pool throughout the year. There are many ways to heat and indoor or an outdoor swimming pool. One of the energy and environment friendly ways is the use of solar energy and solar water heaters to heat the water […]

Solar Water Heating, SWH, events like Conferences and Expos are great opportunities for people to get updated on new developments in the area of Solar Water Heating, learn about new methods and innovations and at the same time network with individuals and specialists of the same industry. Solar Water Heating is just another application which […]

If you want hot water at your home or business we suggest that you install a solar water heater. Solar water heating is well known and widely used and spread in many countries of the world. Millions of homes in countries like Brazil, Australia, Cyprus, Israel, India, Greece, Turkey and Austria enjoy the benefits of […]