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These days it is getting harder and harder to ignore the effects of global climate change. Hurricane Sandy decimated the Northeast, with even the seemingly impenetrable New York City finding itself deep underwater. Many people do not even realize that many parts of Manhattan are still not fully rebuilt. The summer also saw record heat […]

Technologies in the energy sector shape and reshape the energy landscape. Innovations in the renewable energy area transform the way renewable energy technologies are perceived and used. A recent McKinsey report by Matt Rogers has listed the five technologies in the energy field which may affect the growth and direction of the energy sector by […]

Do you ever find yourself worried about the future of our planet? With our resources rapidly depleting more and more every day, much about Earth’s long-term future is uncertain. Energy sources such as coal and oil are finite and therefore come with an expiration date, so when they’re gone they’re gone. Thankfully, several scientists, engineers […]

Algae biodiesel

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by Peter Kay on June 10, 2012

Algae are a diverse group of simple organisms that are usually autotrophic. During the oil crisis in 1978 US investigated the possibility of algae being an alternative fuel to fossil ones. Ever since research is being carried out but the recent increase in oil prices has reheated interest for the production of biodiesel from algae.

The field of energy production is uncertain as we do not really know when fossil fuels reserves for gas, coal or oil will be depleted. Therefore, it is important to search for alternative ways to produce energy as the sustainability of every nation depends on it.

The term agroenergy was coined at the end of 1970’s and is used to refer to the science that studies the cultivation of plants intended to be used for producing energy as well as the necessary technology to transform organic matter (i.e. biomass) into fuel.

Biogas basics in a nutshell

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by Peter Kay on April 11, 2012

Biogas is a renewable source of energy that belongs to the category of biofuels. Biogas is produced from the breakdown of biological material in the absence of oxygen (the lack of oxygen is called anaerobic condition). The main materials used for its

A Waste To Energy (WTE) process creates electricity, heat and other consumer products  (such as recyclable metals and vitrified glass) by using domestic garbage as fuel. The official term for the garbage used in waste to energy processes is Municipal Solid Waste