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Technologies in the energy sector shape and reshape the energy landscape. Innovations in the renewable energy area transform the way renewable energy technologies are perceived and used. A recent McKinsey report by Matt Rogers has listed the five technologies in the energy field which may affect the growth and direction of the energy sector by […]

The definition of zero-energy-home or zero energy building is often misunderstood as a building having zero energy consumption. A zero energy building simply refers to a building producing the same (or more) amount of energy than what it consumes within a single year.

Energy Storage in a nutshell

Energy Storage in a nutshell

by Andy Goldman on September 16, 2012

In a recent energy summit, Energy Storage was considered as one of the top 5 technologies that are necessary to delay or postpone climate change. Energy Storage is also an essential ingredient of the Renewable Energy Sources expansion since it is needed to solve the element of unpredictability for some of the renewable green energy […]

Do you ever find yourself worried about the future of our planet? With our resources rapidly depleting more and more every day, much about Earth’s long-term future is uncertain. Energy sources such as coal and oil are finite and therefore come with an expiration date, so when they’re gone they’re gone. Thankfully, several scientists, engineers […]

The power industry is one of the few industrial sectors, which affect prosperity of every sphere of economic and social life and exert a direct influence on general technological progress. Much of the world’s energy, however, is currently produced and consumed in ways that could not be sustained

Solar energy storage can help increase the mix of solar systems, CSP and PV, and wind energy systems in the generation of electrical power; solar energy companies with experience in both CSP and PV systems are expected to benefit most.

The European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS) is one of the key policies introduced by the European Union to promote emission-reductions in a cost-effective and economically efficient manner.

A number of emissions trading scheme/ systems (ETS) exist worldwide for several pollutants. Most schemes entail market mechanisms used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants.