energy efficiency

Energy efficient buildings, energy efficient devices, energy efficient bulbs and electrical appliances consume less energy for a given output. Energy efficiency minimizes energy waste and contributes towards economical and environmental sustainability.

These days it is getting harder and harder to ignore the effects of global climate change. Hurricane Sandy decimated the Northeast, with even the seemingly impenetrable New York City finding itself deep underwater. Many people do not even realize that many parts of Manhattan are still not fully rebuilt. The summer also saw record heat […]

What is Energy efficiency? This is the question we hear nowadays linked with the current financial and economic crisis. Energy efficiency is not energy saving per se but it concerns us all. It is something which is considered when we build a house, a building, a machine or any other system. In general and simple […]

Energy efficiency at home

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by Dino Green on April 27, 2013

What exactly is an energy efficient home? Provided it meets with it’s owner’s energy demands, an energy efficient home is one that reduces energy waste by reducing unnecessary consumption of energy; consequently, energy efficient homes reduce their environmental impact by reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Solar Energy Efficiency

Solar Energy Efficiency

by Andy Goldman on March 19, 2013

When dealing with Solar Energy and related solar systems, whether Photovoltaic or Solar Thermal, one of the factors and attributes which will of concern would be their Energy Efficiency. Solar Energy efficiency, SEE, concerns the manufacturers as well as the end users, the home or business owners. It is a coefficient and a factor which […]

Solar panel efficiency

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by Dino Green on March 7, 2013

By solar panel efficiency we refer to the rate at which a photovoltaic panel converts solar energy into electrical energy. In general, a typical efficiency level of PV panels ranges between 12-16%, though recent technological improvements suggest we will soon be talking of efficiencies in the range well above 20%!

Solar photovoltaic panels are a proven and mature technology that has diffused successfully into green architecture; the use of solar panels in buildings constitutes a solution towards green energy, in line with contemporary architectural design and with economic and environmental viability.

With the price of oil going higher and higher and with our environment being polluted and with existing financial crisis prevailing in most of the developed countries, more and more people are turning to Solar Energy in search for a cheaper and greener energy source. Solar energy is a renewable green energy source that needs […]

Technologies in the energy sector shape and reshape the energy landscape. Innovations in the renewable energy area transform the way renewable energy technologies are perceived and used. A recent McKinsey report by Matt Rogers has listed the five technologies in the energy field which may affect the growth and direction of the energy sector by […]