Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation is Saving Energy. This category incorporates “passive measures” towards reducing Energy Consumption, such as, increasing Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance and eliminating Energy Losses.

Energy efficiency at home

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by Dino Green on April 27, 2013

What exactly is an energy efficient home? Provided it meets with it’s owner’s energy demands, an energy efficient home is one that reduces energy waste by reducing unnecessary consumption of energy; consequently, energy efficient homes reduce their environmental impact by reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Technologies in the energy sector shape and reshape the energy landscape. Innovations in the renewable energy area transform the way renewable energy technologies are perceived and used. A recent McKinsey report by Matt Rogers has listed the five technologies in the energy field which may affect the growth and direction of the energy sector by […]

The definition of zero-energy-home or zero energy building is often misunderstood as a building having zero energy consumption. A zero energy building simply refers to a building producing the same (or more) amount of energy than what it consumes within a single year.

Energy consumption of the data centers around the world will grow by almost 20% in 2012 compared to 2011, according to a study performed by the reliable research done by datacenter dynamics.

Renewable Green Energy plays an increasing role in our life in many aspects and forms. The role of internet and computing is also increasing in our everyday life. Data centers are increasing in size and their demand for electricity, thus operating cost, is increasing exponentially.

Renewable Green Energy, RGE, is more and more used for the powering of modern IT Data Centers. Modern Data centers are undisputedly large consumers of energy and electricity. This increased consumption is of great concern to Data Center managers who turn to Renewable Green Energy