There are many myths that surround solar panels and it is about time that one was busted forever! Many people believe that solar panels are far less effective during winter but this is far from the truth; winter is still a perfectly good time for transferring solar energy to be used in your home. It […]

What kinds of energies supply your appliances and gadgets? You probably have gas, electricity, and batteries all under one roof. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simpler, more natural way to power up? That convenient source of life exists, right under – or rather, above – your nose! The sun has provided planet […]

These days it is getting harder and harder to ignore the effects of global climate change. Hurricane Sandy decimated the Northeast, with even the seemingly impenetrable New York City finding itself deep underwater. Many people do not even realize that many parts of Manhattan are still not fully rebuilt. The summer also saw record heat […]

While some of these technologies haven’t been developed for residential purposes, some have already paved the way to accessible alternative sources of energy and this includes the solar panels.

You may be thinking; “Solar power my home? I’ve heard that before.” It’s true that solar power has been long hailed as the solution to our coming energy crisis, with thousands of megawatts beating down on our planet daily, it very well may be that one day our homes will be powered with clean energy […]

Solar cells have come a long way in the past few years alone. Recent developments at MIT have allowed for paper thin solar cells to be applied with a stick on backing and added to everything from windows to business cards. Other developments have worked to increase the efficiency of solar cells, most of which […]

Do you ever find yourself worried about the future of our planet? With our resources rapidly depleting more and more every day, much about Earth’s long-term future is uncertain. Energy sources such as coal and oil are finite and therefore come with an expiration date, so when they’re gone they’re gone. Thankfully, several scientists, engineers […]

Solar power has been heralded as both a savior of the environment and international energy security, so the reduction in solar panel prices has generally been viewed positively. However, the crash in photovoltaic panel prices has had unintended consequences, with many builders and manufacturers ceasing construction of solar arrays in order to speculate on a […]