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RenewableGreenEnergyPower.com (RGEP) was formulated in 2011 for promoting environmental sustainability with a particular focus on renewable energy sources (RES) and Green Technology – solar power, wind power, hydro-power, geothermal power, bio-fuel/biomass and more.

Our area of interest focuses on the increased penetration of renewable energy sources within the global power mix. Related areas include reduction of consumption of fossil fuels, accomplishing global/national energy targets, increasing penetration of RES in power generation, etc.

Our objective is to provide our readers with useful information and help them build accurate knowledge and awareness on renewable energy technologies and on the broader areas of green power and environmental sustainability in the contemporary fast growing environment.

Our wish is to inspire and help our readers become more educated (and active) on green technologies and the environment affecting their development such as: technological advancement and new technology solutions, measures and incentives for attaining green-targets, green political will and conflicting interests, efficiency and cost assessment of technology solutions, financial appraisal and economical viability for environmental sustainability, etc.

Our efforts are driven by our shared philosophy and commitment in creating value while furthering our professional and academic backgrounds – Overall, we strive to be a useful site by sharing accurate information on renewable energy technologies and the green power industry (green-jobs, green power solutions and practices) – we hope that our readers will encourage this momentum by sharing this information further and responding with constructive, critical opinions. You may connect with us on our Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Our Team!

RenewableGreenEnergyPower.com (RGEP) was formulated by a group of colleagues, sharing a joint initiative for promoting renewable energy sources and environmental sustainability, while furthering their relevant academic and professional backgrounds. Beyond its founding members, RGEP now hosts affiliated members, regular guest writers and contributors.

Andy Goldman

Andy GoldmanAndy Goldman is a 27-year veteran in the service industry with managerial, strategic, operational and consulting experience. Has managed teams of 5-45 people and has also managed several multidiscipline projects. He has worked in Europe and the USA and holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA with a minor in Finance. For the past 5 years he has been an enthusiast of renewable technologies. You can connect with Andy on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Anton Right

Anton Right is an engineer with keen interest in renewable technologies. For the last 10 years he has been following with excitement the evolution of renewable technologies. His main goal is to promote these technologies and a green way of life to the public. He is an editor in www.renewablegreenenergypower.com in an effort to promote renewables and in www.greenenergysavingtips.com in an effort to promote a green way of living.

Dino green

DinoGreen - 120Dino green is a Mechanical Engineer and a qualified accredited expert in the Certification of Energy Performance of Buildings. He is a green technology fan and an advocate of environmental sustainability. Beyond his professional curriculum he is actively involved in the study and development of Entrepreneurial practice and the promotion of ‘green’ initiatives.His extracurricular endeavours have given him the opportunity to meet colleagues and individuals that share similar philosophies and have the same ambition to become active in their opinions. Dino is a founding member and editor in RenewableGreenEnergyPower and a contributing author in GreenEnergySavingTips.com – You can connect with Dino on facebook, twitter and Google+

Peter Kay

Peter_KayPeter is a data analyst with over a decade of experience in environmental data analysis. He is a renewable energy sources supporter with his main areas of interest being biomass and energy recovery methods such as waste to energy. Peter is an editor in www.renewablegreenenergypower.com and most of his article can be found under the biomass/biofuels category. He is also a contributing editor in www.greenenergysavingtips.com where you can find useful information and tips on how you can help the environment and save money at the same time. – You can connect with Peter on Facebook, Twitter and Google+



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