6th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition

by Andy Goldman on November 28, 2011

The 6th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, IRES 2011, is taking place right now, November 28-30 2011, at the Berlin Conference Center in Germany. Last year’s conference was attended by more than 600 delegates from more than 41 countries. This year’s participations are expected to be even more, due to the increased interest in Renewable Green Energy. The event is organized jointly by Eurosolar and the World Council for Renewable Energy, WCRE.

The 3 day conference will cover a lot of entities and areas with lectures and presentations by many distinguished and renowned speakers and scientists in the Renewable Energy world.  As we are now in the process of migration and substitution from fossil fuels to renewable energy, all systems, such as power grids and electricity storage need, to be adapted to the needs of renewable green energy.

The opening plenary sessions of the IRES 2011 will cover the areas of the political framework, the Renewable Energy Storage, RES, systems, long-term and short-term as well as thermal storage. Following the opening plenary sessions, there will be 3 main parallel sessions of approximately 2.5 hours each, resulting to 18 parallel sessions over the 3 days of the conference.

The topics of the parallel sessions are: Sensible thermal Storage, RES and storage system demand, Pumped hydro and compressed air storage systems, Thermal Storage: Phase change materials, Policy funding schemes, Life cycles assessment, Thermal storage: thermo-chemical storage solutions, Grid-connected (PV-) battery systems, Electric vehicles, High temperature thermal storage, Multi-source power plant and grid integration, Hybrid energy storage solutions, Hydrogen, Batteries –various technologies for stationary applications, Product and concept innovation, Power-to gas, Zinc-based batteries, off-grid power supply systems.

The conference will close in November 30th with the Final Plenary sessions: Synopsis for electrical storage, Synopsis for thermal storage and Renewable Energy: Perspectives, visions and goals.

We believe that the IRES 2011 will be success, as the past 5 conferences were, and that this conference will give a push to the Renewable Green Energy.

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