December 2012

Solar Water Heating, SWH, events like Conferences and Expos are great opportunities for people to get updated on new developments in the area of Solar Water Heating, learn about new methods and innovations and at the same time network with individuals and specialists of the same industry. Solar Water Heating is just another application which […]

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

solar energy pros and cons

by Dino Green on December 28, 2012

This is the ultimate guide to solar energy pros and cons; to give you the best overview of the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy we have broken them down to easily understood sub sections based on the main solar energy systems and solar technologies. Firstly we take a look on the pros and cons […]

If you want hot water at your home or business we suggest that you install a solar water heater. Solar water heating is well known and widely used and spread in many countries of the world. Millions of homes in countries like Brazil, Australia, Cyprus, Israel, India, Greece, Turkey and Austria enjoy the benefits of […]

Tidal energy is one of the five (5) Renewable Green Energy sources in the direction of which governments and institutions are looking in order to find solutions for their energy problems. Tidal energy is a clean and sustainable form of energy and there is evidence that it has been used by mankind for more than […]

With the price of oil going higher and higher and with our environment being polluted and with existing financial crisis prevailing in most of the developed countries, more and more people are turning to Solar Energy in search for a cheaper and greener energy source. Solar energy is a renewable green energy source that needs […]