October 2012

Wave Energy, as the name implies, is the energy of the waves, captured and converted into useful energy. Wave energy conversion is done with the aid of Wave Energy Converters, WECs. There are different types of Wave Energy Converters and these are used accordingly based on the requirements, location and magnitude of the specific project. […]

Ocean Energy Facts

Ocean Energy Facts

by Andy Goldman on October 21, 2012

Ocean Energy is one of the renewable energy sources, RES. It is further divided into 4 categories with the two main categories being, Wave Energy and Tidal Energy. Inspired by the two recent articles recently posted about the International Conference on Ocean Energy,

The 4th International Conference on Ocean Energy, ICOE, will take place in Dublin on October 17th-19th 2012. This conference is which will take place at the Convention Center Dublin is organized by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, SEAI, in association with the European Ocean Energy Association and comes only a few weeks after EU’s […]

The Ministers responsible for the Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union member states have on October 7th 2012 and have agreed among other things to promote renewable energy sources, RES, the Blue Economy and Blue Energy.

Most of the people are aware of the Concentrated Solar Power, CSP, and Photovoltaic, PV terms and technologies. Concentrated Photovoltaic, CPV, technology is not so well known but it is certainly one with great potential of development and expansion. It is one of the newer players in the renewable energy scene.

In this article we will attempt to register some of the important Solar Energy facts about the United Kingdom’s solar energy industry. Solar energy is one of the renewable green energy sources, RES, and certainly one which is widely spread in our parts of the UK.