May 2012

When it comes to the differences between offshore and onshore wind farms, offshore wind farms have many more advantages over onshore wind farms as far as their efficiency, capacity and generation of higher levels of electricity are concerned.

All-Energy 2012 Conference and exhibition is opening its gates May 23rd and will be open for 2 days, May 23-24. This Renewable Energy show is taking place at the energy city of UK- Aberdeen of Scotland.

We have seen in previous articles how Geothermal Energy can be used for the production of electricity and for heating and cooling purposes of buildings. The following is a list of interesting facts about Geothermal Energy.

The recent McKinsey report titled, Solar Power: Darkest before dawn, deals with the Solar Power industry and how this industry grew from a small industry centered in Germany to a $100 billion industry worldwide.

All future energy related decisions and suggestions should involve and address sustainable development and efficient energy use. The Eastern part of the Mediterranean is currently facing significant challenges and

We have seen up to now how Wind Power can be used to generate electricity in wind farms and to cover the needs of a home with home wind turbines. Wind Power can also be used in a number of commercial applications to cover some of the needs of your company or organization.

As stated in an earlier post, wave energy is one of the two renewable energy sources which belong to the Ocean subcategory of the more general hydro energy renewable sources. Wave energy is the energy carried by the waves on the surface of the ocean or sea, which can be captured and be used for […]

The power industry is one of the few industrial sectors, which affect prosperity of every sphere of economic and social life and exert a direct influence on general technological progress. Much of the world’s energy, however, is currently produced and consumed in ways that could not be sustained