April 2012

The field of energy production is uncertain as we do not really know when fossil fuels reserves for gas, coal or oil will be depleted. Therefore, it is important to search for alternative ways to produce energy as the sustainability of every nation depends on it.

The Department of Energy released on April 17th an evaluation of the potential to produce electricity using hydro power technologies on existing dams in the US that are not currently used for this purpose. According to the report without constructing any new

Tidal Energy is a renewable green energy source which falls under the category of Ocean Energy which is under the main renewable category of Hydropower. Tidal Energy together with Wave energy is one of the two forms of the Ocean Energy.

When we talk about renewable energy sources (RES), we define them as replenishable energy sources freely available by nature, such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass/biofuel energy, water energy and geothermal energy. To exploit renewable energy

The term agroenergy was coined at the end of 1970’s and is used to refer to the science that studies the cultivation of plants intended to be used for producing energy as well as the necessary technology to transform organic matter (i.e. biomass) into fuel.

Solar Energy is one of the renewable energy sources and one that is available to all parts of the world. Barefoot College teaches its poor and most often uneducated mature students the use of solar energy and how Solar Energy can be a critical success factor and their key for the struggle against poverty.

Solar energy storage can help increase the mix of solar systems, CSP and PV, and wind energy systems in the generation of electrical power; solar energy companies with experience in both CSP and PV systems are expected to benefit most.

It was reported today that Areva, a French renewable energy firm, has been awarded the contract to build the largest CSP plant in Asia. This CSP plant will be build in India and it will be build for India’s Reliance Power. Areva will use their Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector, CLFR, technology for this 250 MW […]