November 2011

Residential Solar power is increasingly becoming a preferred solution towards green living and utilizing renewable energy for homes. Whilst purchase and installation costs continue to remain at high levels, various national subsidy schemes, such as investment subsidy funds, electricity feed-in tariffs and tax incentives, aim at promoting such

A wind turbine is the main element of a wind farm and is used for the production of wind energy. Since the commercial deployment of the first wind turbine in the 1980s, there has been a tremendous improvement in their efficiency, capacity and design characteristics.

The 6th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, IRES 2011, is taking place right now, November 28-30 2011, at the Berlin Conference Center in Germany. Last year’s conference was attended by more than 600 delegates from more than 41 countries.

Christmas time is just around the corner and every street and every building will be full of Christmas lights. Now is also the time to think of the Renewable Green Energy and combine the Christmas spirit with the environmental spirit and use Solar LED Christmas lights. 

The use of traditional  stoves/fireplaces for heating purposes has taken a significant hit in the past decades from modern central heating systems.  On the other hand, the increase in the cost of electricity that is needed to operate these modern central heating 

Energy Storage is key for Renewable Energy Sources’ penetration into power generation. Renewable Energy Sources (RES) have become of particular importance in the establishment of green, environmentally friendly applications; thus they constitute a crucial piece of the puzzle for achieving global environmental, economical and social/political sustainability.

Wind energy is the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind, by the use of wind turbines, into mechanical energy which is then converted into electricity.

Renewable Green Energy is in every aspect of our daily life. The mobile technology could not have been an exception. There are certain renewable green energy facts that we should be aware or look for, when buying a new mobile device.